Turnaround and Shutdowns

When the line goes down– it’s all hands on deck. DBA understands how important on time delivery is when your team needs logistics excellence.

Let DBA Handle Your Next TSO Project

Whether planned or unplanned, TSO projects require a proven, reliable logistics partner. Turnarounds are not just regular shutdowns. They require meticulous planning and coordination between the client, plants, suppliers and DBA. DBA’s team is uniquely poised to support your team in the most critical and time sensitive TSO operations. We have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies minimize downtime, increase productivity and achieve their project goals.

Unplanned shutdowns are obviously worse. Our clients know they can call us at any time: day, night or weekends and enjoy a rapid response. While you are busy solving and sourcing the problem we will execute the logistics behind the scene. We offer one less thing to worry about when the worst case scenario is on the top of your desk. We roll up our sleeves and match your effort as our most important business partner. You get expert logistics from a team that cares.

  • Hot Shots With Exclusive Use Vehicles
  • Next Flight Out (NFO)
  • Global Air Charters
  • Next-Day AM and PM Delivery
  • Door-to-Door Shipment Control
  • No Split Shipments
  • Specialized Equipment for Oversized Shipments
  • Transborder Service to Canada & Mexico
  • Easy Web Tracking
  • Network of Over 100 Locations Across North America
  • Access to 20,000 Vehicles
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service

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Case Study: Shutdown, Turnarounds, and Outage Support When You Need it Most

Koch Industries is a global leader in fuel and fertilizer, operating plants that need to stay open and profitable during crucial events. Any issues can make or break revenues and profit margins. That’s why Koch trusts Distribution By Air to handle their time-sensitive hotshots, dedicated team driving, and air cargo charters for critical maintenance parts. Check out the full case study to learn how DBA reduces the risk of downtime, keeping daily operations efficient and profitable.

“With DBA, I can make one call, give them the basics, and get the job done. They’ve got the experience and industry knowledge with expedited freight to handle any assignment and I know I can trust them to do it right. It’s that simple.”

– Kelly G.  Materials Manager, Koch Industries

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