Specialized Shipping Solutions

With a wide range of services, DBA keeps your cargo moving in the right direction.

Distribution By Air: Your One-Stop Shop for Specialized Cargo Handling

White Glove Deliveries

At DBA, we understand that your shipment is more than just a package—it’s a representation of your business. That’s why we provide white-glove delivery services and do whatever it takes to move your shipment from A to B. Even better, with additional services like driver assist, we lend a helping hand to make the shipping process a breeze.

LTL Recovery

When it comes to less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, unexpected delays can be a nightmare for businesses. With our LTL recovery services, your stranded goods will be rescued quickly. DBA’s experienced drivers retrieve your shipment from its location and ensure it arrives on time and in perfect condition.


DBA is proud to offer comprehensive warehousing services for companies in need of local, short-term storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for overflow storage to handle excess product or a flexible warehouse solution, DBA’s state-of-the-art facilities are a perfect fit.

Full-Service Freight Forwarding Is Just a Click Away

As a full-service provider, DBA consolidates all aspects of your shipping process under one roof. From volume discounts to lower transcontinental rates, there’s a better way to approach freight forwarding—and it’s just a click away.

A Swift Response to Your Shipping Emergencies

In the margin-driven corporate landscape, you can’t afford to lose time or profits to supply chain delays. When your cargo gets stranded, every penny counts, and unresponsive support is the last thing you need.

Luckily, with DBA’s specialized shipping services, you always get a live person on the phone. No more corporate offices, no robotic answering machines. When you call our lines, you deal with logistics agents who know you, your needs, and your unique account details.

Our commitment to out-of-the-box problem solving is demonstrated in our industry-leading on-time performance rate of 98.9%.

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